About Pure Artwork

A inspirational online gallery!

We are professional artists who are passionate about creativity, after years of marketing our work in online galleries exhibiting huge quantities of artwork we felt lost in a crowd.  We decided it was time to offer a gallery with slimmed down, unique collections produced by established artists and as a consequence we are able to offer a more personal service to you, the art collector.

We are highly selective in our application process and, therefore, able to present proven artists portfolios with stunning collections of diverse artwork.

Clean, pure and simple – this was our directive when it came to showcasing all the wonderful art on offer. We felt this would enable talented artists through their profile pages to stage their art professionally and give you the viewer a great place to visit, appreciate and buy fantastic art pieces!

We hope you enjoy the Pure Artwork experience!

"The painting arrived yesterday and it looks great, I'm going to really enjoy it.

I was a little apprehensive buying without actually seeing it as paintings are so subjective. But I love every thing about it.

Thank you."

Lee, Northumberland

Cate Wetherall 2017 Aug

Made by artists...

You want an original piece of artwork that is inspirational, well executed, brings harmony to your home and is something that you'll enjoy looking at everyday!

All our artwork is produced by professional artists from all corners of the world!

Each unique and authentic piece of  artwork has been carefully selected for originality, beauty and inspirational value.  If your looking for something to capture your imagination and take you off to somewhere calm and connected, we probably have the piece for you!


Buy with confidence

All our artwork is original and is signed and certified by the artist, you can connect with the person behind the artwork and understand their unique and creative abilities.

Every Pure Artwork artist sets pricing and terms for each piece of their artwork and is responsible for packaging and posting their precious art pieces!